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Admission to DCSN can be obtained through referral by a pediatrician, school, or private enrollment. The first step is for parents to complete a fillable application form available online in English or Arabic or from the Center’s reception.

The completed application form along with the required documentation (download Application Requirements in English or Arabic) should be returned to us at reception or scanned and send to The student will then be placed on a waiting list and parents will be contacted to arrange an initial assessment with the Director, headteacher, and medical director.

Prospective students are evaluated before admission can be granted. The purpose of this is to:

  • Assess the child’s developmental level in cognitive, speech and language skills and physical development
  • Create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with input from DCSN’s multi-disciplinary team
  • Offer the best educational and therapy program for the developmental age of the student
  • Based on the comprehensive assessment the appropriate program and class will be offered

Following the initial assessment, a full screening will be made by a DCSN Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist. Then DCSN assessment records will be reviewed by the Multi-Disciplinary Team comprised of teachers and therapists. Based on the results of this review, the child may then be enrolled into a class appropriate to his/her specific needs. If it is decided that the DCSN program is not suited to the student’s needs, the team will help parents explore other available alternatives.