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ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a British education charity and awarding organization from the UK. It provides curriculum programs and qualifications to help young people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life. Many of our students hope to gain the ASDAN Bronze and Silver Award programs prior to seeking employment and are able to use their qualification as evidence for potential employers.

DCSN is the only center for people of determination in Dubai that offers the Bronze and Silver Award Programs and we work alongside our mainstream colleagues to ensure the quality is to the highest standard. There are currently 8 students following the Silver Award having graduated with Bronze last year. DCSN is a registered ASDAN Center and is supervised and supported by UK external moderators.

The ASDAN Bronze/Silver Award Program is designed to develop, assess and accredit key skills and formally recognize personal achievements. Students work through 12 diverse modules (topics): Information Handling; The Community; Sport and Leisure; The Environment; Health and Survival; Number Handling; World of Work; Beliefs and Values; The Wider World; Home Management; Technology and Expressive Arts. They also have the opportunity to undertake accredited short courses in core subjects and other areas of interest such as Gardening and Cooking.

Students build a portfolio of evidence which is internally marked by our trained ASDAN tutors before being sent for external moderation to the UK. Our tutors are supported from the UK and receive professional development throughout the year.

We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds and especially those who may be leaving mainstream school and looking for an alternative, accredited program to develop their skills further.